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BAVA Member Meetings

BAVA Members meet the second Wednesday of each month via Zoom from 9 AM - 10 AM EST.  (Note: BAVA does not meet in July, August or December).


For more information, contact Lori Ververs at

National Volunteer Week

April 16-22, 2023 is National Volunteer Week in Canada. This is our chance to pay tribute to the millions of Canadian volunteers who graciously donate their time and talents to our communities!
















Check out our Facebook and Twitter posts for all the details.

BAVA represents over 34 agencies that rely on volunteers to extend their work and mission in the community. BAVA encourages you to show your appreciation by thanking a volunteer every chance you have!

International Volunteer Managers Day

Each year on November 5th, Volunteer Engagement professionals around the world join together to celebrate their contributions to the countless charities and non-profits where their skills and experience add significant value to their organization's mission outcomes.

BAVA Speaker Series

Stay tuned for details!

Speaker Series: Past sessions


Include. Engage. Succeed. How to build diverse & inclusive volunteer teams

A.M. Session: Understanding the Multigen Mix

Janette McGee, General Manager of Youth & Newcomer Services, YMCA of Simcoe Muskoka

P.M. Session: Fostering Inclusive Organizations

Lennox LePage, Chairperson of Muskoka Price, Supervisor of Membership Sales & Service, Gravenhurst YMCA

Harnessing the Superpowers of your Volunteer Teams

A.M. Session: Recruiting / Re-creating your Dream Team: how to inspire and support leadership volunteers within your organization

Frank Cappadocia, Associate Vice President, Lakehead University, Orillia

P.M. Session: Dealing with Difficult People: 7 Simple Steps to Success

Michael Lewis, Managing Director of Michael Lewis Training, Motivation and Development

BAVA would like to thank our sponsor, Lakehead University!

Natural Ways of Managing Stress with Dr. Michael Yarish, Naturopath highlighting ways busy volunteer administrators can manage stress and achieve work/life balance.

Shaping the Future of Your Organization: Hybrid Conference with Rob Jackson (UK), Andy Frayar (Australia) and Tony Goodrow (Canada) presenting on how to engage 21st century volunteers, to "position the profession", and what we can learn about (volunteer) leadership from the corporate world.

Volunteerism and Mental Health: Working and Supporting Volunteers with Mental Health Issues with Marg Gow, Coordinator of Volunteer Resources and Aleta Armstrong, Manager of Community Awareness, Youth Services EPI & Umbrellas, Canadian Mental Health Association, Simcoe County Branch



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